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FAQ for tourism professionals

Specific to Visa Rules

Q:1- I am traveling to multiple Schengen countries. From which Consulate should I apply for my Schengen visa?
Schengen visa must be applied from The Embassy / The Consulate of the country where you will be staying for maximum number of days. If your stay has equal number of days in each country then you must apply to The Embassy / The Consulate of the country which would serve as the first port of entry.
Q:2- I have a valid Schengen visa but my Indian passport has expired. Can I transfer this visa to my new passport?
No. If you are holding a valid Schengen visa in an expired Indian passport, you may carry both your expired and new Indian passports together and travel between India and the Schengen countries until the visa expires. You do not need to obtain a new visa.
Q:3- Can I get my visa directly at Paris airport?
No, you must avail for a visa before you leave India.
Q:4-Can my visa be extended in France?
No, visa cannot be extended in France.
Q:5- Can I stay after my visa has expired?
No, you cannot stay beyond the expiry of your visa; your visa cannot be extended.
Q:6- I am a British overseas citizen. Do I require a visa?
No, you do not need a Schengen visa for your travel.
Q:7 -I am an Indian citizen living abroad. Do I have to apply in India?
It is advisable to apply in the country where you reside.
Q:8- I am going to St. Martin, can I apply for my visa from the French Consulate?
Yes, if you are visiting Guadeloupe St. Martin then you can apply for your visa from The French Embassy / Consulate.
Q:9- I am holding a valid Schengen visa and wish to travel to TOM / DOM. Can I travel?
Other than the holder of a Schengen Visa with validity more than 6 months all others have to apply separately to visit TOM/DOM
Q:10- What do I have to do if I have lost or misplaced my Indian passport with a valid Schengen visa?
You are strongly recommended to keep photocopies of your passport’s data pages and of the Schengen visa. A visa is a valuable document. Inform The Embassy / The Consulate from where your visa was issued immediately if you have lost your passport. You must apply for a new visa by submitting all documents and payment of visa fees. You must submit a copy of the Police First Incident Report (FIR) with your application. It is preferable to also submit a copy of the visa and the lost passport for ready reference of the Visa Officer.
Q:11- My visa got refused with no explanation. Can you let me know why?
VFS authority extends only to the documentation and application process. The issuing of visas is solely at the discretion of The Embassy / The Consulate. So the consulate takes decision on revealing the reason for refusal

Specific to Application Process
Q:12 -How do I take an appointment?
In order to get an appointment you can log on to our website or call our help lines from –0800 - 1700 hours, Monday to Friday.

Contact No.
New Delhi +91 022 67866014
Chennai +91 022 67866014
Mumbai +91 022 67866014
Kolkatta +91 022 67866014
Bangalore +91 022 67866014

Q:13- We are a family of three. How many appointments do I schedule?
One appointment per person has to be scheduled.
Q:14 - I am the principal applicant and I am traveling with my family. How many application forms do I fill?
One application form per applicant must be filled. Each application must be complete with all supporting documents.
Q:15 - How soon can I apply for my visa?
You can submit your application as per the Consular Post you belong to:
- New Delhi, up to 3 months in advance,
- Puducherry, up to 3 months in advance,
- Mumbai, up to 3 months in advance
- Bangalore, up to 3 months in advance
The validity of the visa will be as per your travel dates.
Q:16 - Can I send my application by post or through courier?
No. In case you are unable to submit your application in person, you have the option of getting it submitted through an authorized travel agent or a representative if your biometrics are not required.
Q:17 - Can I receive my passport by courier?
Yes, you can receive your passport by courier. At the time of submitting your application you can avail of the optional courier facility by filling up the 'Courier Request Form'. Your passport can be couriered to an address mentioned by you in the Form. This facility comes to you at an additional charge of Rs.300/- (inclusive of Goods & Service Tax –SGST @9% and CGST@9%)) per application.
Q:18 - Should I carry original documents for my interview?
The French Embassy / Consulate would like to view your original documents at the time of your interview. Hence please carry your original documents with you.
Q:19 - I need to renew my recently expired short stay visa. What should I do?
A Schengen visa cannot be renewed. You must apply for a new visa to replace an expired one. You may schedule an appointment for submission of new application. All documents must be submitted along with an application form and visa fee.
Q:20 - I am a Diplomatic passport holder. Do I still require an appointment to submit my application?
No, you do not require an appointment as you are holding a Diplomatic passport. You can submit your application directly to The French Embassy / Consulate as per specified timings:
Embassy of France in New Delhi : 1000-1100 hours // Monday-Friday
French Consulate in Puducherry : 0800-1100 hours // Monday-Thursday
French Consulate in Mumbai : Please contact directly the consulate( 022 66694000) for an appointment.

Specific to Mumbai Consular Post
Q:21 - How do I make additional inquiries?
You can contact us by e-mail on (For Mumbai, Chennai Puducherry and Bangalore) and (For Delhi and Kolkata) or call us based on the Consular post you belong:

Contact No.
New Delhi +91 022 67866014
Chennai +91 022 67866014
Bangalore +91 022 67866014
Mumbai +91 022 67866014
Kolkatta +91 022 67866014

Q:22 - Do I have to come in person to submit my application?
No. In case you are unable to submit your application in person, you have the option of getting it submitted through an authorized travel agent or a representative, unless your biometrics are required.
Q:23 - I presently have a valid Schengen visa but have not given my finger prints. What should I do?
You can travel on this visa till the expiry. Upon expiry you must apply for a new visa.
Q:24 - What address do I mention on the application form, if my current home address and my address on the passport is not the same?
You must mention your current home address in India and not the address noted in your passport. It is in order for the current home address to differ from the address noted in your passport.
Q:25 - What is a covering letter?
You must make a covering letter addressed to The French Embassy / Consulate detailing your purpose of travel, travel dates and any other information that may help in the processing of your application.
Q:26 - What is attestation d’accueil?
If you are being invited by our family/friend staying in France, then an “attestation d’accueil” has to be sent by your host. This form is available at the local town hall. It is compulsory to have this form in original, because you may be required to present this proof of stay stamped by the French Consulate at port of entry. Therefore it is advisable that the form be kept handy while traveling.
Q:27 - Can the sponsor send documents directly to the visa section?
Sponsors may send supporting documentation directly to the applicant, who can share it with the visa section during the interview. Having a sponsor or offer to guarantee a person's return to their home country does not guarantee issue of visa. French immigration law makes no provisions for offers of guarantee or the like. The burden of proof is on the applicant.

Specific to Airport Transit Visa
Q:28 - What is an airport transit visa?
If you intend to simply transit through France en route to a third country, you must apply for an airport transit visa and present the evidence of an onward travel (air ticket) and a valid entry authorization (visa) for your desired final destination. The airport transit visa permits entry into the airport area only. However, Indian passport holders having a confirmed air ticket and a valid visa for a member state of the European Union, US, UK, Canada, Ireland or Japan resident permit holders transiting France do not require this visa.
Q:29 - I am an Indian citizen and have a valid visa of UK/Ireland/US/Canadian/member state of the European Union or a Japan residence permit. Do I need an airport transit visa when traveling through Paris?
No, you don’t need an airport transit visa if you hold a confirmed valid visa for the above mentioned countries. However you are advised to confirm the requirement of the visa with the airline with which you intend to travel as some airlines insist on an airport transit visa.
Q:30 - I am traveling to the US via France on an open ticket / Buddy pass, what kind of visa will I require?
As your travel dates are not confirmed you must apply for a short stay visa.
Q:31 - On my way to US, UK, etc… I wish to spend a day or two in Paris. Do I need a visa?
Yes, you need a short stay visa.
Q:32 - I am going to UK and intend to visit your country. Can I make the hotel booking from UK?
No, you must make your reservation in India itself and also provide details of hotel booking during the course of submitting your application.

Specific to Short Stay Visa
Q:33 - How long can I stay on a short stay tourist or business visa?
Your visa sticker will have the validity of the visa and the number of days that you can stay in Schengen countries. Say your visa is valid for a month with duration as 10 days. This means that within one month you can stay up to 10 days only. You must leave the country before the visa expires / duration of your stay. A short stay visa permits you to stay for not more than 90 days.
Q:34 - How long can I stay if I have a multiple entry Short stay visa valid for 1 year?
A one year visa entitles you to stay up to 90 days once in six months.
Q:35 - What is the difference between long stay visa and longer validity visa?
If you wish to stay in France for more than 90 days (as a student, on employment, for research purposes etc) then you need to apply for a long stay visa (D type visa). If you wish to take short trips to France within the year (on business purposes etc.) then you need to apply for a short stay visa with longer validity. The decision to grant a longer validity visa lies with the French Embassy / Consulate.

Specific to Long Stay Student Visa
Q:36 - How early should I apply for my Student visa?
You are encouraged to apply for your long stay student visa at the earliest. You can apply for your visa about two months prior to the commencement of your course. Please ensure you get the No Objection Certificate from an Education Attache (Officer) before submitting your application.
Q:37 - What documents should I show to prove that I could pay for my education in France?
There are no specific documents that substantiate whether a student is able to pay for his/her education. Bank statements, bank loans and fixed deposits are the most common documents used to show proof of funds. Proof of payment to the University in France must also be attached to your application. However, these are only suggested documents. A visa is not assured if you have any or all of these documents.